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Unusual Things
After nearly two weeks of waiting, a meager $100 of investment, and the tossing of one bicycle in the garbage, I now have a working bicycle. The tires are still shot, and the cyclometer is dead, but it should be good enough for spinning on the trainer. Hopefully that will help me burn just a few extra calories every week and allow me to accelerate my weight loss.

Yeah, I still haven't pulled the bike out of the trunk of my car, but that's beside the point. The point is that I could exercise if I wanted to.

When I went out to pick up my bike, I also picked up a new swimming suit, which means I'm prepared now to hit the pool. Not only did I bring the swimming trunks out of the car, I also managed to make it to the pool today. I won't claim that I swam 50 laps, or did anything resembling exercise, but I did manage to do something not resembling being a couch potato. A little activity can't hurt.

Besides, I needed to de-stress from the destruction my dog had wrought while I was shopping. That animal in a menace when left alone. It's amazing how relaxing just being submerged can be.

Last weekend I did something different: I went out on a Saturday night. The amazing thing about the evening was the people I went out with. There were four of us altogether, but each of us knew exactly two of the others, yet had never met the third. I knew Kurt and Julia, but had never met Julia's sister Jen. Kurt knew me and Jen, but had never met Julia. Julia of course knew her sister, as well as knowing me, but had never met Kurt. And although it's redundant to say so, Jen had never met me.

The odd thing about this is where and when we all met. Jen and Julia are sisters and knew each other forever. Kurt and Jen met in high school in New Jersey in the early 80s. I met Kurt in graduate school in Philadelphia in the early 90s. Julia and I met in the mid 90s in Kentucky.

We might never have known that well all almost knew each other if it hadn't been for facebook. Only by writing stuff on each other's status updates did we make the connection.

Small world.


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